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BRITISH BULLDOGS MCC is a non-territorial motorcycle club that has no interest in any political  
red tape. We are a bunch of fellas who like nothing more than to ride our bikes, whether its riding together on a
day out or participating in bike runs for good causes, or going on rallies.

We originally started riding as friends every weekend and toyed with the idea of starting our own club
within the Wigan area. Our aim is to attract new, like minded members in the coming years, to ride and socialise 
with, whether it is for charity or a rally run or just having a pint and a chat.

Our members come from different backgrounds including business owners to managers and drivers all with one thing
in common 'THE OPEN ROAD'.

We are based at the CASTLE ON T`HILL pub, Castle Hill, Hindley, Wigan, in our new club house purpose built
at the back of the pub. We meet every Wednesday night for a pint and a chat, so if you fancy coming down and getting involved or joining in on one of our rides out, everyone's welcome.
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